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Walk Talk Radio is India’s leading web-based radio revolutionising the entertainment genre of radio by introducing a whole new genre.
Enrichtainment! We inspire contagious positivity, hands-on spirituality, companionship, holistic and spiritual well-being, alternative healing, and many thoughts that help us become richer, happier, and more successful. A content-first radio station that delivers stories and insights from philosophies such as ideas to immaculately guide you into diving into a meaningful life. Walk Talk is focused on reinventing digital democracy by empowering people to voice their choices for wiser living, happier relationships and success that is stress-free. If you want to discover the millions of shades of life, join us on this journey. You may discover a nugget of wisdom that will change your life forever.


One thing about us? We believe in boundless enlightenment and enrichment. Our speakers and presenters are a carefully curated group of individuals who come from different backgrounds – and no two of them are alike. What sets us apart is our zeal to spread the victorious ironies of life through and via people from different phases of life.