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Girender Bharti

It’s rare to meet people who redefine what “wisdom” means. Girender Bharti is one such enigmatic homebody, pursuing the art of being a lifelong polymath. Over the past 30+ years, Bhartiji has built deep expertise on deep wisdom issues.

Early in his life, Baltizi spent over 12 years with various masters worldwide learning about meditation. After that, he started a career teaching other seekers the ancient wisdom of meditation. He uses Vastu, Astrology, Numerology, Advanced Reiki, Pranic Healing, Egyptian Cartouche and much more to centre himself and help those around him.

His passion for teaching has carried over into coaching, training and workshops to inspire the next generation of leaders in these fields. Through his Vastu Wisdom project, Bharti ji offers solutions to various problems and ailments.
In his personal transcendence from ‘seeking’ to ‘sharing’, Bhartiji finds true joy in helping people live happier, healthier and more satisfying lives.