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Harshit Malik

Harshit Malik is fondly known as the ‘Wisdom Curator’. As a first-generation entrepreneur who has tasted the highs and lows of entrepreneurship in every conceivable business over the last 25 years, Harshit understands the value and impact of having a ‘human outlook’ in every dimension of life, happiness and success.

By working with global business leaders, legacy entrepreneurs, and start-up founders, Harshit has gained valuable insights into the wide gaps in mindsets, mindsets, and perspectives held by people in different regions. He was honoured to experience and learn from such a diverse range of perspectives and witness firsthand the role of people’s perspectives in their lives, their

well-being, and the success stories of each of these groups. Full of deep intentions to share these rich lessons and perspectives with the world,hisHarshit launched his YouTube channel in early 2020. Harshit’s videos strive to achieve the unique goal of giving people an open mind and a new perspective. other than your own. Harshit is a forward-thinking visionary with a passion for creating a democratic platform Walk-Talk Radio, India’s first content-based radio in the #ENRICHtainment genre.

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